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Dan Edwardes

Parkour Concepts™Master Your Movement

March 03


Parkour Concepts™Master Your Movement .                                             

Saturday 3rd March, 14:00 - 17:00

Price: £30 Book here now – limited spaces available.



“You are fit if you can adapt to the demands of your environment with ease and imagination” – Tom Myers

You will learn:

Foundational parkour movements and concepts

How to reclaim and utilise your natural ability to jump and absorb/utilise impact

Essential quadrupedal forms and patterns for mobility, strength and support

How to use your surroundings to develop a strong body and mind

How to find and maintain the optimal ‘flow state’ in applied movement

How to use the ‘free forces’ of gravity, momentum and elasticity to your advantage

The importance of Task-Oriented Training

More than ever before people everywhere are realising just how vital movement is to their health, happiness and well-being. For decades the world of fitness and movement was entrenched in limited training paradigms, isolated movement patterns and the acquisition of form over function; hoping that fads, gimmicks and quick-fixes would bring results. 

Meanwhile, those who move regularly and well, and who push their body and minds to excel by seeking ‘the zone’ through task-oriented practices, have become fitter, faster, more adaptive and more capable all round: truly functional athletes such as parkour practitioners, who know through empirical practice that natural movement is the key to unlocking their physical and mental potential. And we haven’t achieved this by working on overly-complicated machines or with miracle diets, but by discovering and enhancing our natural ability to move over terrain

This adaptive movement is, of course, what the human body and brain evolved to accomplish – to navigate its surroundings and experience the world around us.  This kind of movement is our birthright, our heritage, and the pinnacle of our evolution. To train this way is to be in sync with our own evolution. That’s why it works.

Parkour Concepts begins where most other training paradigms stop. The phrase ‘functional movement’ is time and again misused and misunderstood – a single, isolated drill is not functional movement training. To know if your movement is truly ‘functional’, you simply must test it by putting it to its true purpose: overcoming obstacles, navigating terrain and adapting to challenging environments. Being able to do hundreds of butterfly pull-ups or hold a handstand for ten minutes but not being able to pull yourself up and over a wall quickly and efficiently means you have not developed truly practical movement abilities. 

Concepts outlive systems and principles trump techniques. Our teaching helps you to understand, develop and apply the key principles of adaptability, resilience, psychological integration and practical movement. Parkour Concepts is a holistic method by which to approach training for any situation, goal or outcome desired. 

“Parkour involves doing what most only ever train to do”

Dan Edwardes, Founder


About Dan Edwardes,

Dan Edwardes has studied practical movement and physical fitness his entire life, with an elite background in fighting arts before he found parkour in 2002. Dan has taught parkour to thousands of people across every continent since 2005, from those who have never stepped foot in a gym to Olympic athletes to military Special Forces and everyone in between.     

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Dan created the only recognised parkour coaching certifications in the world, the ADAPT Qualifications and the Parkour Fitness Specialist Certifications. His programmes have been accredited by NASM, YMCA Awards, 1st4Sports, ACE, AFAA, FIT and more, as well as being the centrepiece for major international fitness events such as IDEA WORLD and Paleo f(X) in the USA, Fitpro Live, MOVEfit, Elevate, World Power Show and Leisure Industry Week in the UK, Asian Fitness Convention, IFEX, Barefoot Training Summit and many more.  Dan combines a lifetime of training in practical, physical skills with holistic philosophies to teach a method of practice that can apply to any and every walk of life.

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