Movement Research UK is honored to bring to you the

Movement hive London workshop :

Hands to Feet to Hands...

Exploring transitions in and out of the handstand

with Guillermo Justel

05th May


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- Saturday 05th May 12:00 - 15:00

- Price: £30 as part of the movement hive project (£45 for the general public)

- participants number limited to 16. book your spot now : contact through fb Guillermo Justel or

- MOvers from all DISCIPLINES welcomed! (Recommended to come          able to hold a 30 sec handstand to get the best integration .       of Guillermo creative PRINCIPLES)

- Location: Local Motion Studios, 52 Garratt, London SW18 4FT,



                                     Hands to feet to hands to feet to. . .

"In this workshop Guillermo will introduce his methodology to the creative application of transitions into and out of the handstand.

Less of a hand balancing technique workshop (although some basics will be used as warm-up but already within the context of the workshop's theme), you will explore ideas for developing your own ways of blending handstands into your physical practice, be it for an artistic or a more training-like purpose. It is recommended that you can hold a solid 2-arm handstand (a comfortable 2-arm hold of at least 30 seconds) as that will enable you to put to practise straight away the ideas exposed. However this is by no means compulsory and attendance from less experienced participants but who can still hold a handstand is also welcome.

3 experiments with exits from handstand





Guillermo has had a committed handbalancing practice for over seven years and has been teaching handstands over three. He has learned and trained with international handbalancing artists such Mikael Kristiansen, Valerie Doucet, Nicolas Montes de Oca, Imogen Huzel and is a student and teaching assistant of Yuval Ayalon. He is currently developing his new solo show under the guidance of Tom Weksler."

Guillermo Justel Facebook page