Finding Flow

with the thinker, dancer and physical educator

Matt Mulligan




Finding Flow - Matt Mulligan

In this one-day workshop Matt Mulligan will share an introduction to his approach to flow; a movement thread which he has followed in his career across dance, acrobatics, martial arts and movement coaching. As a participant you will focus on finding ways in to a state of ‘flow’ in your movement,. 

You will focus on using visualisation and relationships with partners to enhance a state of fluidity in your body. Expect to discover new pathways and new experiences of gravity, growing your freedom to comfortably (and curiously) improvise in movement. Movers will recognise elements of dance practice, contact improvisation, and bodywork.

This workshop is suitable for all movers with a general level of fitness and health. There are no technical pre-requisites for this Bodyroots workshop, the only requirement is a keen interest in the moving body. 


About Matt Mulligan

Matt Mulligan is a professional acro-dancer and movement coach. His physical practice is grounded in fifteen years spent working with the moving body. Through BODYROOTS.ORG he works to make people move better, feel more alive, be happier & healthier through movement.

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He is a graduate of Circomedia Circus School and Northern School of Contemporary Dance and has toured nationally and internationally in a number of circus, dance and theatre productions. This has included work with Sally Cookson (National Theatre), Olivier-Award winning choreographer Javier de Frutos, Jo Fong, Ellen Havard, Jean-Paul Zaccarini, Bim Mason and a host of companies.

Matt’s primary collaboration in recent years has been an ongoing exploration of shared dance and acrobatic interests with Tom Weksler (Movement Archery).
He finds it a joy to share ways for more people to feel happier, healthier and more capable in their body-mind and continues a global touring career as both a teacher and performer.