Movement Research UK is honored to bring to you the

Movement hive London project

With the elite Dancer, acrobat educator and creator

Jacob Smart

Primitive movement - flow into floor work and acrobatics

16 Jun


Primitive movement - flow into floor work and acrobatics

SATURDAY 16 June, 14:00 - 17:00

PRICE: £30 

Limited spaces available


Primitive movement - flow into floor work and acrobatics is a unique class designed by Jacob Smart drawing from his background as a professional dancer, acrobat and  animal flow instructor. This class is for people to get the most out of there movement training whilst keeping it fun, flowing and creative! 

In this workshop, we look in to ground-based acrobatics fused with the flow of contemporary dance. With moves such as the popular Helicoptero, Aerial, Kick the Moon and Raiz. Drawing from Capoeira, martial arts tricking, circus and gymnastics. We will be approaching these dynamic and sometimes scary moves from the ground up! After all, the floor is our friend. We learn these moves in a fun and accessible way, helping you achieve your goals and push both ur mind and body. 


About Jacob Smart

Jacob is a professional dancer and movement coach. Having trained, worked, educated and performed world wide with credits such as a Rock Opera in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, to delivering some of the first Parkour performance workshops at the North American women's parkour gathering Colorado. As well as working with the New York based real life superhero’s STREB extreme actions hero company. They took over London in a show called One extraordinary day and believe me it was! From jumping off 6 meter high platforms in Trafalgar Square to scaling the London eye to be suspended off the spokes as the wheel turned while they performed there show. 



Outside of his performance career Jacob have been developing a practise that takes in and acknowledges all the directions of his life.  From indigenous plant medicine, love of nature, ritual and ceremony to mindfulness and the holistic development of his movement.
In his words: 
" At first I tried to keep these aspects of my life separate from the movement part of my life that I had spent so many years focused on but the further I delved and the more I peeled back I began to realise and be able to see what was being shown to me, that in fact to be whole we must be able to draw from all directions we have walked in"