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Training for Humans




Training for Humans

SATURDAY 7 th April, 14:00 - 17:00


ADDRESS: Core Clapton 161 Northwold Road, E5 8RL London, United Kingdom

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Training for Humans

Mindfullness ~ Fitness ~ Agility ~ Creativity ~ Connection

Training for Humans is an ongoing investigation, examining the potential of the human body, mind and soul. The whole human, the physical human, physiological human, emotional human and the social human.  Drawing from a wide variety of skills including circus training, free movement, Fighting Monkey, meditation, visualisation and interactive movement situations. This work challenges your ability to adapt, strengthen your physical presence and finally involve creativity for an effective response. Where each person has an individual set of limitations, I will provide a platform to better understand your limits and facilitate overcoming them. Training for Humans looks at how our structure and physiology relate to our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours with others.  While each class is different, we will start by awakening our nervous system and body sensations in relationship to the space. From there we will move into more dynamic activities building muscular strength through exercises that require creative engagement and interaction.  The work has wide implications and supports your development in the area you want to develop. Each class is different, adaptive to the particular group in the room and the energy of the day.  Training for Humans provides a platform to work through the body, understanding and developing how it moves and communicates.

Training for Humans recognises the many demands we have on us for success today. Specially designed movement and group exercises will awaken your senses, strengthen your body, increase your personal presence, open your creative ability and connect you with others. You will leave the class sweaty and smiling.  Using a unique combination of training from circus, theatre, dance, yoga and leadership development this fast paced class will develop your human capacity to live to your fullest potential and have a good laugh doing it.  



Zoë Cobb has a background in physical theatre, circus, yoga and dance.  Academically she trained at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in movement direction and outside of accademia, with The Thomas Richards and Grotozski workcenter, National Circus School, Moscow State Circus, 5 Rhythms and Contact Improv. She created and directed dance theatre with her company Artful Badger in England for the last 10 years.  She has delivered workshops internationally in Japan, USA, Italy, France, Germany, UK and UAE.

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