MoveMent Hive London

Movement Hive is an extraordinary concept tailored as a threat to the Movement Community in London.

We have curated a team of elite movement teachers, thinkers, pioneers, masters, and practitioners from different disciplines that will each  be teaching their cutting edge perspective (for ridiculous cheap price) in London.


How it works

Throughout 2018 on the first Saturday of each month, you will have the privilege of attending a movement workshop with a Master in his/her filed, in London, for a ridiculous price of £30!!!

So you can keep expanding to new directions - Each month we will  be hosting a different teacher from a different discipline. The practices are diverse and the teachers are cherry picked and are all unique thinkers in their field (in some cases they are the field).

Because movement diversity meters we bring to you an array of disciplines ranging from: Hand balancing trough parkour, Gaga, Tree climbing, and some that are so special we will let you discover their work...

A big thank you to all the teachers that are making a stand supporting the growing UK movement community by sharing their work in a price that is ridiculously low. The full prices of these  workshops is normally in the hundreds of pounds so it's a great inclusive opportunity to come and meet the best teachers out there in the lowest price you will ever get.

All income is going to cover hire costs and goes to the teachers. Movement Research UK is bringing The Movement Hive London projects as a service to you


07 April

Training for Humans

  Zoë Cubb




07 July

Finding Flow

Matt Mulligan

05 May

Hands to Feet to Hands...

Guillermo Justel




02 September

Moving Seasonally

Ben Medder

16 June

Primitive movement    flow into floorwork and acrobatics

Jacob Smart


14 October


Yaara Dolev